How long are hamsters pregnant?

Answer According to Hammys World, the gestation period for a hamster varies from species to species. Syrian hamsters have the shortest pregnancies, lasting only 16 days. The Roborovski hamster can be preg... Read More »

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How long do my teddy bear hamsters stay pregnant?

According to the Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association, the gestational period for teddy bear hamsters averages 16 days. A teddy bear hamster also can experience a pseudopregnancy, or false preg... Read More »

How to Take Care of Pregnant Hamsters?

Hamster pregnancies typically last from 17 days (for Syrian hamsters) to 18 to 22 days (in the case of dwarf hamsters). It is not always easy to detect pregnancy in a hamster, but changes in behavi... Read More »

Information on Pregnant Dwarf Hamsters?

Female dwarf hamsters conceive have such a short gestation period that it's possible for their owners to be unaware of the hamster's condition until the babies are born. It is essential for owners ... Read More »

Why Do Hamsters Get Mean When They're Pregnant?

When a hamster is pregnant, its behavior can change. As well as collecting extra food and bedding, your hamster might also exhibit aggressive or mean behavior. This is common and doesn't mean there... Read More »