How soon after having a baby can you get pregnant and if you had intercourse before birth can the sperm stay alive long enough to get you pregnant again?

Answer Answer You can get pregnant within a month of giving birth, every ob/gyn and/or family doctor has seen a woman pregnant at her postnatal check.BUT you cannot get pregnant again from having intercou... Read More »

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How long can a woman be pregnant without knowing that she is pregnant?

Answer Some women may go into labour at term without realising they are pregnant.This may be because they are already obese and the pregnancy does not make much difference to their size, or they ma... Read More »

How long does it take before you can tell you are pregnant and how long before you should feel symptoms?

2 weeks after intercourse. Well, with me I had symptoms a week before I got pregnant so i don't know everyones body is diffrentAnswerHmmm, you say you knew you were pg a week before? My breasts hav... Read More »

How long after having sex will you be able to tell if you are pregnant?

Answeryou usually can't tell if you are pregnant until about five days before you period. but if you trully think you are and want to spend the money you can go to a hospital and they have pregnanc... Read More »

How long does it usually take to get pregnant?

Healthy women have, on average, a 10 to 25 percent chance of becoming pregnant each cycle, according to Dr. Mark Perloe, medical director of Georgia Reproductive Specialists in Atlanta.Age 20 to 30... Read More »