How long does the bleeding phase last in dogs in heat?

Answer When a female dog is in heat, it will bleed from the vagina for about 10 days, although in some dogs the bleeding can may be longer or shorter. The bleeding period precedes the period during which ... Read More »

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Products for Dogs in Heat?

Female dogs begin their first reproductive cycles between the ages of 4 months and 18 months. The maturation age varies depending on the breed. The symptoms associated with dogs in heat are often d... Read More »

How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Dogs?

Hot summer weather can be more dangerous to dogs than many pet owners realize. When a dog's internal temperature is raised too high (generally about 106 degrees F), a chemical reaction occurs that ... Read More »

How to Treat Heat Stroke in Dogs?

Dogs are not as efficient at releasing heat as we are; built to conserve rather than release heat, they tend to heat up faster than we do.[1] As such, we may not twig to the fact that a dog has bec... Read More »

How do I keep dogs cool in the heat?

ExerciseLimit exercise for dogs when it is very hot outside. Avoid exercising dogs during the hottest hours of the day; exercise dogs early or late in the day, when it is cooler, and keep dogs from... Read More »