How long are car seats good&do they expire?

Answer On One Hand: Expiration DateA car seat does carry an expiration date. It is very important to check the date on the car seat to see when it was manufactured and when it expires when you go to buy o... Read More »

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Do infant car seats expire?

Car seat manufacturers place expiration dates on labels permanently affixed in plain view, generally dated five years after the date manufacture. The expiration dates are meant to prevent the use o... Read More »

How long do police records take to expire?

There is no set time for a police record to expire. It depends on the type of offense the person has committed. Typically, charges such as shoplifting stay on your record for 7 years. In terms of e... Read More »

How long before patents expire on car parts?

If it's an ornamental design (e.g. doors, mirrors, hoods), the patent will last 14 years. If it's an improvement on the functionality of an existing patent (e.g. adding an LED readout to a dashboar... Read More »

How long before crest white strips expire?

All products over the counter MUST have an expiration date on the box. It is mandatory by the FDA. Usually any whitening system lasts up to 12 months.