How long are boiled eggs edible?

Answer If you refrigerate them, hard-boiled eggs will keep for seven days and still be edible. Raw eggs can be kept in the refrigerator for four to five weeks. This is because of a protective coating that... Read More »

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How long do you cook hard boiled eggs?

Bring water to a bail, add eggs, turn off water and let sit for 20 minutes. Yes, you can eat them right away.

How long are soft boiled eggs good for?

Soft-boiled eggs should be kept refrigerated for no more than four days. Boiled eggs should be kept in their original carton to maximize freshness and keep them from being exposed to room temperatu... Read More »

How long are hard-boiled eggs good for?

Up to a week or more than that..I use lots of boiled eggs in my salads..=)

How long do boiled eggs stay fresh?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends hard-boiled eggs, whether still in the shell or peeled, be consumed within one week after they've been cooked. The FDA also says to refrigerate hard... Read More »