Where is the Gaza Strip on the map?

Answer The Gaza Strip is on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The 139-square-mile region shares a seven-mile border with Egypt to the southwest and a 32-mile border with Israel to the north, east a... Read More »

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What does the United States have to do with the Conflict in the Gaza Strip?

The United States and the State of Israel have extensive military and economic relations. Therefore, it is very possible that American weaponry was used by Israelis in the Conflict in the Gaza Stri... Read More »

How long will it take me to dig a hole 6' long,3' wide and 6' deep?

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How long do you grill a 34-in. New York strip steak?

Since the entire surface area will be applied to heat, the length of a New York strip steak does not matter---but the thickness does. For instance, a New York strip that is 1/2- to 1-in. thick shou... Read More »

How long do you grill a 34 oz. New York strip steak?

A 34 oz. New York strip steak takes 10 to 12 minutes to reach medium-rare, 15 to 17 minutes to reach medium and 19 to 21 minutes to reach medium-well. To accurately determine a steak's doneness, in... Read More »