I have to sleep on the floor and there's ants !!?

Answer The only quick way is with ant spray. But, since you are sleeping on the floor you are not going to want to smell insecticide while you are trying to sleep. I would find where they are entering th... Read More »

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Do harvester ants sleep?

Harvester ants experience periods of reduced activity, followed by periods of sluggishness, similar to sleeping and waking patterns in other animals. These rest cycles may last only a minute, but ... Read More »

How long do flying ants live for?

Sounds to me like you've come across a colony of large red (Or red-black, or black) ants. Each one is about half as long as a dime if this is what you're talking about.These large ants have a mati... Read More »

How long can ants live under water?

Ants can live underwater for up to two weeks, according to Animal Diversity Web. Ants have an incredible ability to adapt to their environmental surroundings, including water. When exposed to under... Read More »

How long do black ants live?

Carpenter ants, sometimes referred to as black ants, have an unusually long life span. Worker carpenter ants can live up to seven years, and their queen can live up to 25 years, according to the Co... Read More »