How long ago was it since your last eye exam?

Answer I must have been in elemenatry school!! Pretty bad huh?

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Poll:- How long is it since your last Makeover?

About 3 weeks ago Stepdaughter is Head of Channel Cosmetics at Heathroe Airport !!

How long does it have to be since your last bowel movement for you to be considered legally constipated?

I've been told that you should move 1 foot or more of stool out of your system per day (this is for someone who eats the average amount as according to the food guide and has adequate fiber... if ... Read More »

You had your period for 2 weeks during the past two months now your breasts are leaking and very tender and you have only had sex last week since your last period is it possible that you are pregnant?

Vegetarians and Vegans, how long has it been since you last consumed meat?

Really nice to see you in another section, its amazing how many of us in R&S are vegetarian, I have been vegetarian since around Christmas 2007 so about a year and a half, although I had wanted to ... Read More »