How long ago did Adam& Eve live?

Answer According to Bishop James Ussher's calculations--which places creation in 4004 B.C.--Adam and Eve lived a little more than 6,000 years ago. Critics point out that carbon dating time measurements re... Read More »

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In what year did Adam& Eve live?

According to the Reverend Archbishop James Ussher in his book "The Annals of the World," published in 1658, the Adam and Eve of the Christian creation story were born in the year 4004 B.C.Reference... Read More »

If neither parent has custody can the father take their child to live with him and it not be a crime so long as he files a parenting plan and they both live in Washington state?

Answer Do it the legal way and have her served. You will need to file the proper custody paperwork at the courthouse, then wait until she is served. Once she has been served, take the children leg... Read More »

Peter is my brother-in-law Adam is my husband How do Peter and Adam related?

There is no English word to describe the relation of you and your brother-in-law's cousin's step-son. Your brother-in-law's cousin is not related to you, so neither is his cousin, and certainly not... Read More »

How long do you live to live a state before you are eligible for State resident tuition?

No, you can't and you will NEVER get the in state rate because there is a lot more to becoming a resident than simply living there. Because you moved to NY and enrolled in school, you will ALWAYS ... Read More »