How long after your foreclosure sale date do you have to move out in California?

Answer Former homeowners in California will have a year after a judicial foreclosure sale to move out if the home sells for less than what is owed. If the home is sold in a trustee's auction, the former h... Read More »

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What does the sale date mean in foreclosure information?

During the foreclosure process, a Notice of Sale is issued. The sale date stated in this notice is the date when your property will be offered up for sale in a public auction.Source:County of Los A... Read More »

What happens after a California foreclosure auction date occurs?

Most of California foreclosures use the nonjudicial process, in which an appointed trustee oversees the public auction of a foreclosure property. In the period after a foreclosure auction, the bor... Read More »

How long does a foreclosure take in California?

Foreclosure is a long process in California. After a borrower stops paying his mortgage, he can expect his home to be foreclosed five to six months after he receives the Notice of Default.Source:Al... Read More »

How long are tea bags good after the sale date?

Tea bags can be kept for 18 months after the sell-by date listed on the package, according to the Virginia Cooperative Extension. Moisture, air, heat and light all affect the freshness of tea bags.... Read More »