How long after using frontline can you bathe a dog?

Answer Frontline is a topical medication used to control fleas and ticks on dogs. According to Frontline, after applying the medication you must wait at least 24 hours before bathing your dog.Source:Front... Read More »

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How soon after applying Frontline can you bathe a dog?

Frontline is a topical flea and tick treatment produced by Merial. The manufacturer recommends to refrain from bathing the dog until the product has dried, which typically occurs in 24 hours. For a... Read More »

How long should you wait to give a dog a bath after you put on Frontline?

Wait 24 hours after applying Frontline before you allow your dog or cat to get wet. If you bathe your pet first, make sure to dry your pet very well before applying the product.Source:Frontline FAQs

When can a dog be bathed after applying Frontline Plus?

A dog can be bathed when the area where the Frontline Plus was applied is completely dry. This generally happens in about 24 hours. Once dry, the product is effective for 30 days, even if the dog g... Read More »

Should I Use Frontline Plus or Frontline Topspot for My Dog?

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