How long after the mucus plug comes out should you be going into labor?

Answer AnswerLike all things with pregancy, it varies from person to person. Some lose it during labor, some hours before and others longer than that. The best idea is to contact your Dr. since he/she wil... Read More »

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How long after I lose the mucus plug do I have before I go into labor?

it could be hours, it could be days, but not too long. The baby will come soon :)

You are 36 weeks 2cm dialted and 75 effaced and lost your mucus plug How long before labor begins?

You can hear a baby's heartbeat with a stethoscope after 20 weeks.

You are 38 weeks and im dilated 3cm and you got your membranes stripped but you didnt go in to labor and then 2 days later your mucus plug came out how long do you think i have to go before going in?

How long before labor will begin i am 34 weeks pregnant and I'm losing my mucus plug now in clumps it's clear and thick?

I know it seems like things are moving along quickly, but this is just a sign that your cervix is changing and not that labor is imminent. It is normal for women's cervices to soften and open. This... Read More »