How long after the listing expires can I sell my home without paying commission?

Answer The signed listing contract specifies how long after a real estate listing expires a person must wait to sell without paying commissions. Standard listing agreements have a protection clause that s... Read More »

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Are You Liable to Pay Commission to a Realtor for a Sale After the Listing Expires?

Realtors are occasionally faced with a situation in which a buyer and seller consummate a real estate deal after a listing expires. The listing agreement may contain an arbitration clause. Filing f... Read More »

How much commission does one pay to sell one's home?

If you use a real estate agent to sell your home, expect to pay a commission. If you are opposed to paying someone a significant chunk of your home's value, you have other options.Average Commissio... Read More »

Does the power of attorney become invalid when a notary's commission expires?

Without a specified expiration date, a power of attorney will not expire until time of death. Revoking a power of attorney may be done legally as long as notification is sent to anyone who dealt d... Read More »

Can you sell your home after a loan modification?

On One Hand: A Home Can Be Sold After Loan Modification.Yes, a home can be sold after a loan modification as long as the selling price will cover the new loan and any other related fees. MakingHome... Read More »