How long after starting a diet should i start to see results on the scales?

Answer if 1,400 calories a day dosen't work well take 1,200 calories and if not 1000 calories but not less

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If I'm consistant with my workouts and keep up a good diet, when will I start to see results?

It really depends on what kind of exercises you're doing, what weight/bmi you're starting from, how good your diet is etc. When I started out I was 158 lbs and 5'1 (now 125 lbs) I started seeing re... Read More »

How to Lose Weight With This Small Changes Big Results Diet?

Diets can be glad! Crunch and Chomp: Enjoy your choice of tasty foods, three or four times a day: Not too much! Not too little! Eat with your head!Diets vary between method and madness, but it seem... Read More »

Question about starting a raw food diet?

i have done raw only for periods. the only drawback is the lack of protein. if you incorporate legumes and higher protein veggies along with supplementation you should be fine. i have a juicer..act... Read More »

What is the cost of starting the Maker's Diet?

The cost of starting the Maker's Diet for the first 40 days is about the same or less than what you currently spend on groceries for the same period. Supplements are recommended and should be facto... Read More »