How long after starting a diet should i start to see results on the scales?

Answer if 1,400 calories a day dosen't work well take 1,200 calories and if not 1000 calories but not less

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If I'm consistant with my workouts and keep up a good diet, when will I start to see results?

It really depends on what kind of exercises you're doing, what weight/bmi you're starting from, how good your diet is etc. When I started out I was 158 lbs and 5'1 (now 125 lbs) I started seeing re... Read More »

I work out around 6 days a week (weights/cardio), have cut all junk out of my diet.should i see results soon?

You should already see the results on the scale but not visible results around the end of a month on a diet. You've done 2 weeks so far. So just wait two more weeks and you should definitely see re... Read More »

How soon after I start yoga will I be able to feel results?

Some people feel the benefits immediately, others in a few days or weeks. The most important thing as that you started and each day you will notice an increasing benefit to yoga in your life. A ... Read More »

Im going to start working out, how much results can I expect after the first 16 days?

You will feel muscles that you never knew you had. After about a month of regular workouts you will begin to see solid results so long as you keep with it.