How long after show does labour start?

Answer i want to know the same thing.I am 39+4 weeks pregnant with my 1st. Had a show this morning. Do wonder when could i go in to labour?

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How long after having sex will labour start?

Answer It is imposssible to say, there are far too many variables.  Even with a measured dose of prostaglandin or pitocin labour cannot be calculated, one of the mysteries of childbirth.

How long after getting pregnant do you start to show?

I am 12 weeks with my 1st baby and I am already starting to show. Of coarse it's always the Mommy to be that notices it first but in at about 14-16 weeks is when other people can tell. It also depe... Read More »

How long after the baby dropped till you go into labour?

Took me a few weeks from the baby dropping until contractions picked up... & i still ended up being induced.

How long after your water breaks will labour be over?

Answer It varies from person to person. My wife had all 5 of our children within 20 minutes of her water breakingAnswer If your water breaks, ten you will have 2 days ti have your baby at the most... Read More »