How long after pregnancy does your hair stop falling out?

Answer On One Hand: Temporary Hair LossAccording to the American Pregnancy Association, post-pregnancy hair loss may continue for one to five months after delivery. Excessive shedding typically peaks thre... Read More »

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How long does your finger stop hurting after stitches?

Take 2 pain killers 3 times a day and you will be as good as new

How long after death does your hair grow?

No they don't.Your hair and nails do not grow after deathMore to the point your skin retracts and your body fat decays away. Revealing the nail or hair below. Causing the appearance of growth.Ho... Read More »

Tips to Stop Hair Falling Out?

As you age you might experience embarrassing hair loss; this is not uncommon. According to Hair Finder, hair loss occurs very commonly in males and in approximately one in four women as age begins ... Read More »

Yo: How long do you wait to shampoo, after getting your hair colored/coloring your own hair?

I was got a perm, for beautiful golden brown curls..I came home with corn rows on my head and a little orphan annie look...I washed, against the wishes of my stylist, immediately upon looking in th... Read More »