How long after neutering can a cat still impregnate another cat?

Answer Neutering of the male cat involves the complete removal of the testes. Without the testes sperm is not produced and the male cannot impregnate another cat. The effects of the surgery are immediate.... Read More »

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How long is a dog at the vet for dog neutering?

On One Hand: Neutering is usually a quick, easy procedure.Once you arrive at the vet's office, the procedure will not take long. The surgery is quick and easy, but your dog will need time to recove... Read More »

How long does it take for a kitten to recover from neutering&declawing?

Most kittens recover within a week of neutering. However, female kittens may be quieter than male kittens after the surgery because they undergo a more complicated operation. Recovery time after de... Read More »

Can I impregnate myself?

Grotty clones??? Sounds like Heaven to me!

How much semen is need to impregnate a woman?

Answer One single sperm can union with the ovum and create life. When a man ejaculates there typically is a million or more sperm but it only takes ONE.-The force and amount of ejaculate vary wide... Read More »