How long after having sex will labour start?

Answer Answer It is imposssible to say, there are far too many variables.  Even with a measured dose of prostaglandin or pitocin labour cannot be calculated, one of the mysteries of childbirth.

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How long after show does labour start?

i want to know the same thing.I am 39+4 weeks pregnant with my 1st. Had a show this morning. Do wonder when could i go in to labour?

Can cod liver oil tablets start labour?

Answer Yes. Natural childbirth hurts more though.

Can your baby move abit still when you start labour?

Answer Yes, many babies appear to kick their way out. My second twin was laying crossways when I went into labour but as soon as her brother was born she took a nosedive and was born head first.

Can anyone tell me if labour pains can start in the top of the groin and down to the knee cap . thank you?

no I think you must have strained something sounds like what I get which is siatica (nerve pain) babe must be laying funny over a nerve