How long after getting impressions for braces will I get them on?

Answer For me after I got my impressions they will tell you when to come back for an appointment. During that appointment they will tell you all the things they will need to do for your teeth. Then all yo... Read More »

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Gagging when getting braces molds/impressions?

Crazy as this sounds but it worked for me if you make a tight fist with your thumb on the inside it greatly reduces the gag reflex. Good luck:)

After wearing braces a long time ago is it possible for your teeth to start misaligning and if misalignment is not severe is there any way to revert it without braces or surgery?

Answer Yes. The way you chew, wisdom teeth growing in (or being taken out), etc. can cause them to slowly move. You could get a retainer to wear at night to slow the movement.

How long will it take to get my braces off?

It depends on the dentists skill. Usually 15-40 minutes.

How long do braces take?

It depends on how crooked your teeth are and if you have an over/underbite, etc. I only had mine on for 13 months, but I have a friend that's had his for over 3 years now.