How long after drinking wine should I take an Ambien?

Answer The pharmacist in me will take you to never take benzodiazepines or benzodiazepine-similar drugs like Ambien (zolpidem) together with alcohol. Zolpidem works by causing a increase in GABA inhibiti... Read More »

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How long after drinking 1 beer can I take Advil or tylenol?

After only one beer it shouldn't really matter. Since its been 4 or 5 hours the alcohol will already be out of your system anyway.

How long does it take for ipecac to make you vomit after drinking it?

Ipecac normally takes 10 to 20 minutes after administration to cause vomiting. And watch out because it causes projectile vomiting.

After an op how long should I wait until drinking alcohol?

The wait after surgery is usually 24 hours unless told otherwise. However, you need to pace yourself to see how much alcohol your body can tolerate before going back to your regular amount.

I have quit drinking. Is it wrong if I take a beer after a long time?

If addiction never set in and you don't fear that you'll go back to drinking too much then you might be okay. On the other hand, if your drinking was a problem before there is a chance this will le... Read More »