How long after delivering a baby can you have period?

Answer usually no longer than 6 weeks, after that you need to call your doctor. Its generally less for someone who had a cesarean section.

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How Long Should I Wait to Work Out After Delivering a Baby?

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Why would a woman shake after delivering a baby?

Uncontrollable shaking after childbirth is very common. Although this condition tends to alarm women, there are many explanations for the shakes, and most are not serious. Prolonged shaking, though... Read More »

When bleeding stops completely after delivering the baby?

Bleeding after labor will usually occur for a few weeks after delivery. Typically, it will stop completely in four to six weeks.

How long is the first period a woman gets after having a baby supposed to last?

Answer This is different for every woman although mine lasted 9 days and they usually lasted 6 or 7 before I had my baby!!! Hope this helps!!!Mine were exactly the same length after having a baby... Read More »