How long after cooking MEAT can you refrigerate?

Answer you can refergerate it for eternity

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Can tough cuts of meat be tenderized by long cooking times?

The best way to tenderize tough cuts of meat is to cook it for long periods in liquid. Stewing and braising are two good ways. Pot roasts and beef stew, for example, spend hours in the oven, and co... Read More »

How long can beef set out of the refrigerator after cooking it?

no more than four hours. The danger zone for food is 4 degrees to 60 degrees. It can only stay in that zone for four hours after that it begins to spoil. Another perspective Four hours is too lon... Read More »

How Long Does Rice Keep After Cooking?

Rice is a principal world food crop. Farmers around the world grow thousands of rice varieties in different ways. In the West, cooks prepare rice as a side dish, but it is the main dish in many cu... Read More »

How long is meat good after the sell by date?

Poultry, sausage and ground meat should be frozen or cooked after one to two days. Beef, pork and lamb should be frozen or cooked after three to five days. Meat can remain frozen indefinitely, but ... Read More »