How long after conception does pregnancy occur?

Answer Fertilization or conception occurs when an egg and sperm unite in a female after an act of sexual intercourse or fertility treatment. Once the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the uter... Read More »

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How soon after conception do pregnancy symptoms occur?

Answer Many women begin noticing slight symptoms within a day or two of implantation, which usually occurs 7-10 days after conception (not necessarily the same as 7-10 days after sex!). The pregn... Read More »

Is it possible for symptoms of pregnancy to occur earlier than normal when carrying twins and if so how soon could it be after conception?

Answerit doesnt matter if you are carrying twins or a single baby, the signs are the same and having twins doesnt make them sooner or stronger. usually if you have twins they cant tell until you ar... Read More »

How long after conception do symptoms occur?

Answer Youi may notice something from about 12-13 days.

How long after conception can you test for pregnancy?

Pregnancy kits test for the presence of hcg, a pregnancy hormone, in the urine. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is best to wait until a week after a missed period. Most women will have enough preg... Read More »