How long after buying a home can you refinance?

Answer You can refinance about 12 months after buying a home. People choose to refinance for many reasons, one of them is to get a lower interest rate on their loan. Though you can refinance in 12 months,... Read More »

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How soon can you refinance your home after buying?

Once your mortgage is officially funded, which usually takes two weeks, any home owner can refinance his home. However, some lenders require borrowers to own the home for a full six months before a... Read More »

Should I Refinance Six Months After Buying My House?

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How to Refinance a Home After Coming Out of Bankruptcy?

Refinancing a home after bankruptcy is possible, but it can take time. The bankruptcy process relinquishes the debtor's responsibility to repay most types of debts or reorganizes those debts to mak... Read More »

How long after renting can you refinance?

There is no set time limit on refinancing. A borrower can refinance his home once the original loan has funded, which usually takes two weeks. Additionally, renting out the home is not taken into c... Read More »