How long after bloody show can you expect to go into labor?

Answer Answer up until 2 weeks

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What does a bloody show before labor look like?

it looks disgusting, like a huge booger but a little brownish/pinkish (due to it being tinged with blood).

I'm 39 weeks and 1 cm dilated... When can I expect labor to begin Is it soon...?

You are still a couple weeks off of wanting to have ur baby. If i were you I would wait one more week...i know that sounds like alot but im 2cm dialated 60 percent effaced and 33 weeks and they put... Read More »

If you're 3 cm dilated and 80 percent effaced can you expect labor soon if this is your 6th pregnancy?

Answer I certainly would think so! Good luck!!! Answer You may go another week, but labor is likely to be quick when it starts properly so be ready.

If you are 37 weeks 2 cm dilated and 60 percent effaced and the baby's head is VERY low how much longer should you expect before going into labor?

Answer You could go into labout tomorrow or you may have to wait 3-4 weeks, there is no way of telling.