How long after beginning antibiotics for UTIs does the pain quit?

Answer On One Hand: Uncomplicated InfectionsBacteria can cause infection in any part of the urinary tract: kidneys, ureters (ducts), bladder or urethra. According to the University of Michigan Health Syst... Read More »

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How long should i take antibiotics?

Yes you need to take it as long as your doctor prescribes it. Your doctor might also advise you to take prophylactic medications before going to the dentist. I think I have read some of the precaut... Read More »

How long should I take these antibiotics for strep throat?

Taking the antibiotics the full 10 days ensures that the organism (S. pyogenes) has been eradicated from your system. If you take it for 5 days, then feel better and stop taking them, any residual... Read More »

How long does antibiotics take to cure chlamidia?

Yes, you should be cured by next Saturday.

How Long Does The Average Fever Last With No Antibiotics?

You are taking ibuprofen which is a NSAID (reduces fever also aling with pain, inflammation). Duration of fever : Fever lasting for more than 4-7 days is rarely due to self limiting viral illness ... Read More »