How long after an exchange transfusion should you check the patient's hemoglobin?

Answer On One Hand: Check the Hemoglobin Right AwayAs soon as a transfusion is complete, the hemoglobin level will indicate the percentage of oxygen-carrying red cells that are currently circulating. If t... Read More »

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What should i eat to increase my hemoglobin my age is 29. My hemoglobin count is just 8?

Should see your doctor to make sure you are healthy and if the problem is just due to a poor diet.My first thought was red meat and green vegetables. But problem can be more complicated: See link... Read More »

How to Check the Version of Exchange?

Microsoft regularly releases updates to its Microsoft Exchange Server software, so it may be difficult to keep track of the version you are currently running. If this is the case, you can use the E... Read More »

How to Check Store Size in Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is a server that holds many users' data, including emails, contact lists, calendars and scheduled tasks. Exchange automatically sets a default limit for each mailbox. Once you re... Read More »

How do I check email with a Microsoft Exchange server?

Open the "Start" menu and click on "Control Panel". Double-click on the "Mail" icon and press the "Email Accounts" button. Select the "Add a new email account" radio button and hit "Next". Choose "... Read More »