How long a non stick dawa/pan can be used?

Answer About 10 years

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What is a memory stick pro duo used for?

Produced by Sony, it is used for Sony digital cameras, digital music players, PDA's and the like.

What is the memory stick used for on a PSP?

The memory stick in a PlayStation Portable (PSP) stores all of the personal files that you want to use on the device, including music, movies and wallpapers. Additionally, the memory stick stores g... Read More »

What is a glue stick used for?

Glue sticks are round sticks of glue inserted into glue guns. The guns heat the glue. As you squeeze the trigger on the glue gun, the glue flows out. Glue sticks work well for all kinds of crafts t... Read More »

What is a meter stick used for?

A meter stick, part of the metric system, is used in the measurement of the height or width of an object, most often in centimeters and millimeters. It also can be used to draw straight lines.Sourc... Read More »