How long Must you wait to have sex after you just had a baby?

Answer Most doctors suggest 4-6 weeks unles you had a difficult delivery with a tear or an episiotomy, then possibly longer. Usually after the post-partum exam by the physician.

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You just lost a baby premature an your boyfriend wanted to have sex after 2 week is that okalso the baby was premature because of yeast infection i had i do have to wait until i get ride of the infec?

2 weeks is not enough time. after a mother gives birth she is unclean because of all the blood that you lost. if your child was a boy wait until 6 weeks, but if a girl wait until I think 12-18 week... Read More »

Why do woman have to wait so long to resume sex after delivery of a baby?

Mystic e has said most of what I would have said... I'd like to add...Most people will say 6 weeks - but that is only to do with physically (that is if you birthed naturally and with little or no t... Read More »

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How long do you have to wait to switch from reserve to active duty after you have a baby?