How local is the Minecraft LAN feature?

Answer the Minecraft LAN feature only works when two computers are connected to the same Wireless router or wired router. Usually in the same building.If you want to host a server, you have to download th... Read More »

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Direct TV When turn on TV with box it will not pull up the local channel that you want It goes to the search in the right hand lower corner You switch to a non-local channel and it connects.?

Addition if USB Feature?

The easiest way is to get a "media player". I use a Western Digital "TV Live". It has 2 USB ports that can play movies saved in a wide variety of formats. Outputs include composite, component, and ... Read More »

How to Use the Panic Feature on a BMW?

There is a panic feature embedded in a BMW Comfort Access remote

How to Remove a Feature Box in Thesis?

The feature box in Thesis is a large box for content. Thesis is a template system for WordPress that helps you build your Web site. Designed with multiple uses in mind, the feature box is often use... Read More »