How likely are you to get pregnant on NuvaRing?

Answer According to Organon USA Inc, NuvaRing's manufacturer, clinical trials found that between one and two out of every one 100 women who use this contraceptive get pregnant. Organon compares its effica... Read More »

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What is the nuvaring?

NuvaRing is a contraceptive device for women. A woman must insert a new NuvaRing each month. It stays in the vagina for three weeks, and then is removed. One week later a new NuvaRing is inserted t... Read More »

How often should you change the NuvaRing?

The NuvaRing should be changed monthly. Remove the NuvaRing three weeks after insertion and allow a one-week break for menstruation. Insert a new NuvaRing one week after removal. Always insert and ... Read More »

Sleeplytime tea and nuvaring?

Can I boil my NuvaRing?

NuvaRing is a trademark for a type of contraceptive vaginal ring. Do not boil your NuvaRing. According to the product information, a NuvaRing should not experience temperatures higher than 86 degre... Read More »