How likely am I to get pregnant one week before my period?

Answer On One Hand: Most Women Ovulate Mid-CycleThe majority of women ovulate (or release an egg from an ovary) midway through their menstrual cycle, about 12 to 16 days before their period. A week before... Read More »

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If your period is due in just over a week and you are extremely tired can you feel that tired and be pregnant even before you miss a period?

Answer You could be but the chances of having symptoms that soon are slim. Chances are you either excited and convinced your body hoping you are preggers or scared you are and nervous about it. I ... Read More »

If a girl does not usually have a normal cycle how late should her period be before it is likely that shes pregnant?

Answer I have PCOS so I usually getmy period every 3 to 4 months. My Dr. put me on Provera tomake me get a period and then he put me on Chlomid to make me ovulate. He had me count my cycle days as ... Read More »

If you think you may be pregnant how would you feel a week before your period is due?

Answer No different to how you would feel if you were not pregnant.

If you had unprotected sex 2 days before your period was due you then took norlevo had period a week later but was only light its 3 wks since MAP had brown discharge since then culd you be pregnant?

Yes, it's possible, but if you have a brown discharge you need to see a doctor right away.