How life threatening is cushing's disease in dogs?

Answer Cushing's disease is a disorder that affects older dogs, cats and horses. Although the symptoms of Cushing's can be dramatic, it is a manageable disorder.The FactsCushing's is caused by a disorder ... Read More »

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Are hiccups a symptom of Cushings disease in dogs?

Cushing's disease is often mistaken for the aging process in older dogs. Symptoms will mirror the aging process and can be confusing for the pet owner. If you suspect your dog has Cushing's disease... Read More »

Confused about cushings disease?

The outcome depends partly on the cause. When its caused by a tumor, removing the tumor usually solves the problem permanently and you never get any obvious symptoms. When its not caused by a tum... Read More »

Is swine flu life-threatening?

That's the same question the experts would like a better answer for. The majority of the folks who've been infected have actually gotten better, and without a great deal of medical assistance need... Read More »

What are the effects of drinking too much pop Can it become life threatening?

1. It's called SODA2. Yes, soda has a lot of sugar in it, you can get diabetes. Only drink soda in moderation.