It is getting late, did you hug a tree today?

Answer No, I prefer not to get bark and bugs on my clothing. But I dont litter, I drive a fuel efficent car, I compost my food scraps, I recycle and I grow an organic garden of vegetables. What do you do ... Read More »

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How late are the polls open on election day?

Depending upon your state and local city or township, election polls generally close between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., according to the Green Papers site. The exception to this general rule is "for states... Read More »

How to Open the Third Box in the Game "Johnny, Why Are You Late"?

The point-and-click game, "Johnny, Why Are You Late?" takes you through Johnny's morning and the reasons for his tardiness. As Johnny, you search the house for your uniform and the toiletries you n... Read More »

I just found out I have two children today. Is it too late for a babby shower?

We can have a double babby shower. I'm trying to get pregnat.

Does anyone know any coffee shops open late in Seattle?

Let's see... in/near the downtown area, there is:The Hurricane Cafe on 7th Ave. near the Elephant Car Wash. It's a greasy spoon diner that's open 24 hours.13 Coins on Denny halfway up to Capital H... Read More »