How late can a partial birth abortion be performed?

Answer The U.S. Supreme Court banned partial-birth abortions in a ruling in 2003. However, when doctors were performing this procedure, the fetus could be aborted up to the last week of the second trimest... Read More »

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Why are partial birth abortions performed?

"Partial-birth abortions" is not a medical term but one that was created to cause a political stir, according to NPR. These procedures, which occur late in pregnancy, are quite rare.IdentificationA... Read More »

How late is it before its too late to have a non-surgical abortion?

Medical or non-surgical abortions are generally carried out before 9 weeks. (These are the ones with 2 pills, taken a couple of days apart.) They can be carried out up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.Afte... Read More »

When is it too late to get an abortion?

AT CONCEPTION!!!JK im not one of those type of ppl!I think the absolute latest is 6 months..but my goodness thats a human already...and home remedies...ya..use condoms!!! :)

What do you think (partial birth Ab.)?

They are horrible....but sometimes they are necessary. I worked in a hospital with mothers in this situation. Never did I EVER see this procedure done except in very extreme cases. For instance, ... Read More »