How late can a partial birth abortion be performed?

Answer The U.S. Supreme Court banned partial-birth abortions in a ruling in 2003. However, when doctors were performing this procedure, the fetus could be aborted up to the last week of the second trimest... Read More »

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Why are partial birth abortions performed?

"Partial-birth abortions" is not a medical term but one that was created to cause a political stir, according to NPR. These procedures, which occur late in pregnancy, are quite rare.IdentificationA... Read More »

How late is it before its too late to have a non-surgical abortion?

Medical or non-surgical abortions are generally carried out before 9 weeks. (These are the ones with 2 pills, taken a couple of days apart.) They can be carried out up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.Afte... Read More »

Is 3 months to late for an abortion?

No it's not but some states have a limit on 3 months so you might have to travel to another state. In the USA you can have a abortion up to the 20th week in some states.

When is it too late to get an abortion?

AT CONCEPTION!!!JK im not one of those type of ppl!I think the absolute latest is 6 months..but my goodness thats a human already...and home remedies...ya..use condoms!!! :)