How large is the surface area of our lungs?

Answer The total surface area of the lungs is estimated to be between 500 and 1000 square feet when unfolded. The large surface size is necessary so that air can be moved in and out of the lungs quickly a... Read More »

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Do gills have less surface area than lungs?

Yes. Gills have less surface area than lungs. Gills are special gas-exchange organs. They consist of thousands of filaments covered by folds called "lamellae." The gills absorbs oxygen from water... Read More »

What Is the Respiratory Surface in the Lungs?

The average human has about 300 million alveoli, tiny air sacs, in the lungs. The walls of these alveoli comprise the respiratory surface membrane. If stretched out, the thin membrane would cover a... Read More »

Where can purchase large surface drilling?

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How to Find the Surface Area of a Box?

Finding the surface area of a box is easy as long as you know the length of the sides. If you are just looking for a quick formula, it is: 2*(x*y + y*z + x*z). If you need some more guidance, pleas... Read More »