How large is the active vocabulary in English?

Answer There are about a million words that are part of the current English vocabulary. An educated person knows about 20,000 of these words but uses only about 2,000 words on a weekly basis.Source:hypert... Read More »

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The Advantages of a Large English Vocabulary?

Having a large vocabulary produces a wide variety of advantages. These advantages range from how you are perceived by others, to being able to express yourself more precisely, to being able to unde... Read More »

How to Improve Active Vocabulary?

While reading alone provides a significant influence of language mechanics and vocabulary, actively discussing and debating information refreshes the mind by requiring you to articulate your though... Read More »

English Vocabulary Resources?

Increasing a vocabulary takes time and dedication, however, the benefits range from improving communication to raising test scores. According to the Oxford Dictionaries, there are more than 170,000... Read More »

Vocabulary Games for English?

Vocabulary games are an excellent way to get students practicing their vocabulary skills in a fun and stimulating way. Games can be used as an educational tool to make students think about their vo... Read More »