How large is an average 2 car garage?

Answer Two-car garages usually measure a minimum of 20 feet wide by 20 feet deep. Some two-car garages are larger to allow space for tools and equipment. Larger two-car garages usually measure 22 feet wid... Read More »

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What is average size of a garage?

"Two car garages," states APM Buildings, "are the most common building in America," typically measuring 24 feet by 24 feet (a total of 576 square feet). In contrast, a one-car garage is typically 1... Read More »

What are the average dimensions for a garage?

Garage sizes can vary depending on the size of the vehicles and the amount of extra space that is needed. The average size of a one-car garage is 12 by 20 feet. For a two car garage, the average si... Read More »

How many square feet is an average 3-car garage?

An average three-car garage measures approximately 600 square feet, according to the Energy Information Administration. One-car garages measure approximately 250 square feet, while average two-car ... Read More »

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