How large is a queen size quilt?

Answer Queen size quilt dimensions vary depending on block size. Quilts sewn with 18-inch blocks measure 90 inches wide and 108 inches long. Those made with 12-inch blocks measure 96 inches wide and 108 i... Read More »

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What size is a queen-size quilt block?

Quilt blocks come in a range of sizes; thus, there's no set size of quilt block for a queen-size quilt. Typical block sizes run between 12 to 18 inches and the number of quilt blocks needed for a q... Read More »

How big is a queen size quilt?

All People Quilt explains that queen-sized quilts can vary in size, depending on how far the quilt hangs over the sides and bottom of the mattress. The basic measurement is 60 by 80 inches. The dro... Read More »

How big is a queen size quilt block?

A quilt block varies in size, depending on the pattern you choose. Often, a quilt block will be the same size, regardless of what size quilt you are making, but you will use more blocks for a queen... Read More »

How wide is a queen size quilt?

A standard queen size quilt is 88 inches wide. This size quilt will cover the top of a queen size bed. If the quilter wishes for the sides to drop down farther, she can add inches to the width of t... Read More »