How large is a baby fin whale when it is born?

Answer At birth, fin whales measure 14 to 20 feet and weigh about two tons. Adult males can grow up to 88 feet in the Southern Hemisphere and weigh between 50 and 70 tons. The blue whale is the only anima... Read More »

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How big is a baby whale when it's born?

A baby whale, or calf, will vary in size depending on the species. Killer whales start out at 6.5 to 8 feet and around 400 lbs. The newborn humpback whale averages 14 feet and 2.5 tons. The blue wh... Read More »

Will a baby born with a head full of hair change texture or color My baby was born with dark straight hair I have wavy brown hair and am caucasian and her father is Peurto Rican with curly hair?

Answer Well I was born with dark brown curly hair, and now mine is dead straight, and blonde! so it can change, but not always!

What is the size of a baby whale?

A baby blue whale (the largest type of whale) is, on average, 25 feet long and weighs between 6 tons and 8 tons after coming out of the womb, according to Enchanted Learning. The smallest whale, th... Read More »

How to Feed a Baby Whale?

Baby whales begin nursing from their mothers several hours after birth and usually continue to nurse for as long as one year. The milk the calf drinks from the mother allows it to develop a layer o... Read More »