How large is Wikipedia and how do I download it?

Answer You can't download it it doesn't work like that.And Wikipedia does not get published into a hardcopy

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What misconception about Wikipedia is most damaging to society at large?

This may be the 30,000-foot view, but I think Wikipedia does the most damage to society by creating the illusion that "regular people" can be responsible for credible, reliable stores of knowledge.... Read More »

The wikipedia pages in my laptop are displayed in very large fonts. how do i fix it?

Is it possible to download all Wikipedia?

Yes, you can download all of Wikipedia. Wikimedia provides several database dumps of all or part of its sites. These can all be downloaded from .There are several vers... Read More »

How do I download from wikipedia?

You need to clarify your question. We are trying, but based on guesses as to what you are trying to download. Do you want the entire contents of Wikipedia? If so, go to Wikipedia:Database download ... Read More »