How large do peach trees grow?

Answer Peach trees generally are small trees, growing to 20 feet in height, although some reach 25 feet. Dwarf varieties are about 8 to 10 feet in height. Peach trees live for about 12 years, and most se... Read More »

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How do I grow peach trees from peach pits?

Choosing PitsChoose pits from several different varieties of peaches because pits vary unpredictably in their ability to germinate. Remove flesh from pits and wash them.Storing PitsStore pits in a ... Read More »

How long does it take for a peach to grow on trees?

If you plant a young tree, it can take a couple of years. If you're planting a new tree, get the most mature one you can afford to get fruit production as soon as possible. Dwarf trees produce pr... Read More »

How do I grow peach trees from seeds?

Getting the PitAllow a peach to fully ripen. Remove the pit and wash away all the fruit from the pit. Allow the pit to air dry for 24 hours. Crack open the pit. Remove the white, firm, almond-shape... Read More »

How tall do peach trees grow?

Peach trees, members of the genus prunus that also includes cherry and almond trees, will naturally grow between 8 and 20 feet tall. Many varieties, however, are grafted onto the rootstock of othe... Read More »