How join family is the best?

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How to Tell Your Family You Want to Join the Military?

How to tell your Family you want to join the Military. It is a very simple process if you cover the following information. Just remember you can't please everyone all the time.

What will happen to your family if you join the cia?

Nothing will "happen" to them. As a preliminary step to your being recruited your entire family will undergo a complete and thourough background security investigtion. If employed you will probably... Read More »

So how low does your IQ have to be to join the Martin Bashir family?

BWAHAHAHA!!!Happy New Years' to you too Frank!!I miss your former client as well....

Please can I join the TH (tokio hotel) family PLEASE?

Wow. It was my idea to call us fans a family, and now it's really taken off!Yes, you don't really need to ask, any Tokio Hotel fan can join =]