How join family is the best?

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What will happen to your family if you join the cia?

Nothing will "happen" to them. As a preliminary step to your being recruited your entire family will undergo a complete and thourough background security investigtion. If employed you will probably... Read More »

How to Tell Your Family You Want to Join the Military?

How to tell your Family you want to join the Military. It is a very simple process if you cover the following information. Just remember you can't please everyone all the time.

Please can I join the TH (tokio hotel) family PLEASE?

Wow. It was my idea to call us fans a family, and now it's really taken off!Yes, you don't really need to ask, any Tokio Hotel fan can join =]

So how low does your IQ have to be to join the Martin Bashir family?

BWAHAHAHA!!!Happy New Years' to you too Frank!!I miss your former client as well....