How is wool turned into yarn?

Answer Wool is a natural fiber that can keep you warm even when it's wet, and it does not easily catch fire.ShearingThe first step in making wool yarn is to shear the sheep. One sheep can produce about 8.... Read More »

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How to Tell Wool Yarn from Acrylic Yarn?

Knowing whether your skein of yarn is wool or acrylic is very important. Whether it be for allergies, beliefs, or personal preference, determining the material used to make your yarn can be very im... Read More »

How is wool processed into yarn?

Primitive man domesticated sheep for their fleece as early as 10,000 BC. They used simple spindles to spin the fiber into yarn. This is not too different from how we process wool today. Our methods... Read More »

What is worsted wool yarn?

For knitters, hand spinners and home sewers, the term worsted wool describes a yarn weight, a spinning technique and a type of fabric.HistoryThe term worsted comes the English village Worstead. In ... Read More »

How to Make Yarn Out of Wool?

It is easy to purchase wool yarn from a craft store, but it can be more exciting to spin your own wool yarn yourself using raw materials. Although spinning your own yarn can be more time consuming,... Read More »