How is wood siding installed?

Answer Despite synthetic alternatives, traditional wood siding remains a popular choice for home exteriors. Correct installation calls for careful preparation of the wood and the use of special nails.Wood... Read More »

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Can vinyl siding be installed over wood lap siding?

Vinyl siding can be installed over wood lap siding. The wood lap siding should be checked for rot and termite damage and repaired before being sided over. It may also be necessary to install vertic... Read More »

Can i put vinyl siding on wood siding?

On One Hand: Yes, You CanYou can install vinyl siding over wood siding, also known as wood cladding. Wood siding is the only existing siding over which you can install vinyl because you have to nai... Read More »

What is the best product for exterior wood patching - particularly wood siding prior to painting?

Auto Bondo. They also started making a bondo for wood but I've always had really good luck with the auto bondo, it dries in a few minutes and is easy to sand.. If the wood has started to rot though... Read More »

Can fiber cement siding be installed at ground level?

Although fiber cement siding stands up to the elements and resists pests, it should not come in contact with the ground. Fiber cement siding manufacturers require at least 6 inches of clearance bet... Read More »