Who created the wind vane?

Answer The wind vane was invented by Andronicus in ancient Greece in 48 B.C.E. His wind vane appeared on the Tower of the Winds in Athens and featured a trident in honor of the god Triton.Source:A Brief H... Read More »

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Who is the scientist that created the wind turbine?

While windmills have existed for centuries, the invention of the first automatically operating wind turbine used for electricity generation is credited to Charles F. Brush. Built in 1888, the turbi... Read More »

Where were wind wheels created?

One of the first known renditions of a wind-powered machine, the wind wheel, is known from a first century B.C. account. It is of a machine developed by Greek engineer Heron of Alexandria.Reference... Read More »

How many wind turbines are at the Klondike Wind Farm in wasco, oregon?

There are a total of 242 wind turbines at Klondike Wind Farm, Wasco, Oregon. The first phase, Klondike I, only had 16 turbines. The second phase expanded the farm with another 50 turbines, and curr... Read More »

If the wind speed doubles what happens to the theoretical wind power?

When wind speed doubles, the theoretical wind power increases by eight times. This is because wind power is determined by the equation "P = 0.5 x rho x A x V^3". Where A is the size of the turbine... Read More »