How is white gold jewelry stamped?

Answer Manufacturers stamp white gold with numbers and letters to designate its karat rating or purity, just like all precious metals. White gold is an alloy; it contains metals other than gold.White Gold... Read More »

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How can I clean white gold jewelry?

All gold in its pure form--24 karat gold--is yellow. But pure gold is generally considered too soft and malleable for most jewelry. So gold alloys, rated 10- to 18-karat, depending on the percentag... Read More »

What does an HDS stamp on white gold jewelry mean?

The HDS stamped on white gold jewelry, or any piece of jewelry, stands for Helzberg Diamonds and means the item was made by that company. Helzberg sells jewelry in stores throughout the United Sta... Read More »

How do I Get White Gold Jewelry to Return to Its Original Color After Yellowing Over the Years?

Of all the precious metals used in jewelry, white gold is the most susceptible to yellowing. White gold jewelry is coated with the element rhodium, a silver metal used to give the jewelry its white... Read More »

How to Make Stamped Silver Jewelry & Bracelets?

Sterling silver is an ideal medium for the beginning jewelry maker. The material has a higher value and aesthetic appeal than base metal but is not as restrictively expensive as gold. The metal is ... Read More »