How is velcro linked to plants?

Answer Velcro artificailly simulates the seed dispersion method employed by certain plants, namely burs. Some seed pods are covered with small hooks, these catch in the fur of passing animals and are the... Read More »

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Is gestational diabetes sex-linked?

Not all of them do. Autism is much to broad a diagnosis for this kink of generalization.

Is alcoholism linked to depression?

On One Hand: Depression is a Risk For AlcoholismOne of the factors that contributes to a person's risk for developing a dependence on alcohol (alcoholism) is depression, according to the Mayo Clini... Read More »

How to Draw Linked Chains?

Drawing linked chains is fairly straightforward provided that you understand the perspective of having them interlink. This article demonstrates how to do this yourself with ease.

Linked comments on youtube?

If there's the linked comments are on YouTube, you can higlighted, you can press Ctrl button + C button on the keyboard to copy and then you can click on the internet box, press Ctrl button + V but... Read More »