How is velcro linked to plants?

Answer Velcro artificailly simulates the seed dispersion method employed by certain plants, namely burs. Some seed pods are covered with small hooks, these catch in the fur of passing animals and are the... Read More »

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What does it mean when genes are linked?

Genes are considered to be linked genes when they are closely associated with one another, and they are both located on the same chromosome, and thus are often inherited together.References:Biology... Read More »

When was velcro first used?

Velcro---the hook-and-loop style fastener that carries the "Velcro" brand name---was first used in 1953. George de Mestral, a Swiss outdoorsman and inventor, conceived the idea for Velcro after not... Read More »

What does Velcro do?

Velcro is a brand of hook and loop fastener inspired by the tiny hooks of grass burrs that attach to clothing, fur and other looped surfaces. Velcro fastenings are used in clothing, footwear and ot... Read More »

Animals That Are Linked to Dinosaurs?

Around 65 million years ago, the last living dinosaur expired on Earth. Yet that creature's demise did not end the influence of the ancient animals. Significant scientific inquiry, culture, and art... Read More »