How is vegemite made?

Answer Vegemite is a sandwich spread that is an important part of many Australian's heritage. According to, for Australian children, a Vegemite sandwich is the cultural equivalent ... Read More »

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What is Vegemite made of?

Yum! Vegemite on a slice of dark, whole wheat bread ...This was my introduction to the stuff at the hand of an Aussie friend in grad school. I can tell you what it tastes like: a block of fresh ... Read More »

How to Eat Vegemite?

Seen the ads? Heard that Australians eat Vegemite EVERY DAY? Ever wondered how us Aussie's do it? Well, perhaps, this is your answer!

How to Enjoy Vegemite?

Vegemite is an iconic Australian spread. It is made from what is left over in the vat after brewing the beer. It basically consists of dormant yeast, boiled-down vegetable stock, and lots of salt. ... Read More »

Is Vegemite Australian?

Vegemite is a dark brown paste usually used as a sandwich spread or as a starter for soup stock or broth. Vegemite was originally created in 1922 by Fred Walker in Melbourne, Australia. It is quite... Read More »