How is toothpaste actually good for?

Answer Yes. There's an expiration date on them.

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What is a good toothpaste to buy?

Colgate with fresh stripes the gel in the little squeeze bottle

Is it good to put toothpaste on the toothbrush twice while brushing?

Actually you don't need to put toothpaste again. But if you are not satisfied with the amount you can use more.Using more toothpaste will not harm anyways.

What is a good substitute toothpaste (UK) for the original Mentadent P?

Wow, I'd forgotten all about Mentadent P, Jingles! I use Sensodyne when my railings are a bit sensitive. It's fairly mild - doesn't tear your head off like some excessively "minty fresh" brands! I ... Read More »

I`ve run out of tile grout do you think toothpaste is a good substitute?